Founder Of CDM Solutions Pvt Ltd

The only stand-alone life insurance reporting system in the world.

CDM Solutions (www.cdmsolutions.com.au) provides access for financial advisers to view real time data for all client personal insurance policies such as life, disability, and trauma insurance. It has been developed in a way that insurance policy information is reported in a meaningful and structured way. Information such as how many policies an adviser has with each insurance company, the sums of in-force premiums across these companies and the aggregate of sums insured for each benefit type across these companies is available. Detailed client policy information is also available.

Founder of ADVSR

Advsr uses the latest technology to deliver a commissions management and compliance system for financial dealers and advisers. Designed to reduce the effort required, to understand the business they run, and help comply with the ever increasing compliance burden. Advsr gives dealers and financial advisors full visibility and the opportunity to grow their business.

Founder of Verdure Financial Planning Solutions

Using tax, accounting and financial planning background to provide strategic financial advice. Specialising in Partnership Insurance implementations.