Work Experience

Acctpro financial
(Sept 2008 To Sept 2012)

Assisting CEOs and Owners to achieve better results, Providing specialised CFO and accounting services, Developing & implementing management systems to assist client growth, Personal wealth planning, and Mortgage Broking.

770 financial planners
(Sept 2008 To Present)

I used to manage every financial activity occurred in company.

Verdure Financial Planning Solutions
(Sep 2012 – Present)

The investment market is super volatile and unstable nowadays. It is all impacted by a coronavirus which caused panic and a general slowdown in World’s economy. People started to sell shares and put it into Governments Bonds, which caused a high rise in price and a decrease in coupon/interest payments on these bonds. Secondly, China stopped buying as much oil as it used to do and world oil price regulator called OPEC offered Russia to decrease the production of oil for the world’s stability, however, because of Russia’s contracts with India and fear of Saudi taking its oil market, Russia declined this offer and started to produce even more. As a an opportunity to become an oil monopoly Saudi Prince offered a huge discount on the oil price. Which of course led to a tremendous decline in oil price and all oil and resource companies’ earnings.

(Feb 2015 – Present)

Being part of a results orientated team has brought the Advsr project together in a short time frame with a rich history of experience and knowledge. During this time, the business continues to grow by providing Australian Financial Service Licence holders with a software solution that makes understanding the revenues generated by the advisers simple, and ASIC compliance within the law.

CDM Solutions
(Jun 2016 – Present)

CDM Solutions provides an adviser with a business valuation tool based on client insurance policy information as well as marketing opportunities via data segmentation such as policy renewal dates and birthdates and insurance gaps.